Thanks for being here. I’m Julie and I’m a life consultant. My website serves three main functions, all of which have the common goal to inform and provide guidance for those who might have found their way here because they were searching for answers.

Life Consulting

As a professional listener and guide, I can help you make sense of what is on your mind. What you are looking for is within you. Sometimes it can be hard to put thoughts into words, but with encouragement and a safe space we can work it out together.  

The More You Know

This is my blog and collection of useful resources I think you’ll find interesting. Someone once said, knowledge is power – the power to make decisions, change for the better and thrive!

Sans Boobs

Following the discovery of a lump above my breast implant, I have set out on a journey uncovering the lies told through omission within the medical device industry. This is my story.