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Carrots, Coffee, and Making Change

Consulting For Life provides professional support for anyone who is looking to do things differently. And by support, I mean to counsel, coach and genuinely listen. Friends can be supportive, but their ideas don’t always align with our own and sometimes what’s bothering us is really hard to say.

Change is only really convenient when you find it down the back of the sofa. No one ever needed bribing or any kind of motivation to have fun or go on adventures because adventure and fun are the rewards. It’s not as easy to clean the bathroom or submitting that document before a deadline, however. A metaphorical carrot not only provides that reward but can also enhance a sense of purpose.

For me, that carrot is coffee. The anticipation of how that creamy rich, slightly-smoky brew douses my tastebuds can motivate me through a to-do list faster than you can say, “but where’s the cake?”

Last year, my favourite boots were falling apart and my feet were getting wet. I bought replacements but they just felt, well, new. I had a choice: wet feet and comfort or dry feet and less comfort. Enforcing change is the same as wearing in that new pair of boots. They feel awkward and can sometimes even give you blisters, but with time, you’ll ease into them and eventually, each step will feel lighter. And hey, dry feet!

An effort is required for change and believing we will be better off is imperative. After reaching a weekly target, take yourself to see a movie. It’ll change the way you think about getting stuff done. Patting yourself on the back is an important act of self-love and sadly often overlooked. Its purpose is to reaffirm the thought, “I can succeed! I have proof and I believe my success will continue”.

Someone clever once said that life is not a dress rehearsal, so give it your best shot, make that change and make life better. There’s no need for surprises or sudden movements here; just ease yourself into the idea slowly, steadily, and most importantly, with purpose.


coffee and card

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